Epic Games will pull the plug on servers for legacy game titles on January 24, 2023 Games News

Epic Games will be pulling the plug on the servers for some older game titles on January 24, 2023, including Rock Band 1, 2, 3, and Unreal Tournament: GOTY. As of today, the games and accompanying DLC ​​are no longer for sale in the Epic Games digital storefront.

According to Epic Games Are the online servers for 1000 Tiny Claws, Dance Central 1-3, Green Day: Rock Band, Monsters (most likely) Stole My Princess, Rock Band 1, Rock Band 2, Rock Band 3, The Beatles: Rock Band, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket -Powered Battle-Cars Unreal Gold Unreal II: The Awakening Unreal Tournament 2003 Unreal Tournament 2004 Unreal Tournament 3 Unreal Tournament: Game of the Year Edition.

Battle Breakers will no longer be playable on December 30th and Rock Band 4’s multiplayer mode will remain available for the time being. Epic Games also states that it no longer offers the Mac and Linux versions of the games Hatoful Boyfriend and Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star for sale. DropMix mobile game is also no longer available for purchase.

Most titles can still be played offline, according to Epic Games, while some can no longer be played at all. Epic does not provide further details on this matter. The company has removed games and downloadable content from its digital sales platforms. Epic states that from now on it only wants to support games through the Epic Online Services. This online service includes a unified friend list, voice chat, and parental control-mission.

Unreal tournament 3

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