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EA has released a major update for the EA Sports FIFA Mobile smartphone game. The update is a complete overhaul of the game, adding gameplay improvements and new visuals and sound. The game also supports 60fps mode on a number of phones.

The game was originally released in 2016, and features a revamped game engine. It The first major quality update of the game, which has received content updates in recent years. The new version adds more detail on-screen during a match, new camera options for goal kicks, free kicks, corner kicks, penalties and replays. A series of new stadiums have also been added to the game.

The update was developed by EA China and EA Vancouver, who said they’ve been working on the update for years, based on player feedback. This has led to a number of gameplay improvements, including more team management, giving players control over player substitutions and positions, and more control over the game during matches. Additionally, the game’s Versus mode gets some quality of lifeimprovements. In addition, EA is adding live audio commentary in 11 languages, including Dutch, from well-known commentators.

In December, the makers released Already see the preview Enhanced image quality. On a number of phones, including the iPhone 8 or later, Google Pixels, Samsung Galaxys from the S9 and OnePlus devices from the OnePlus 5, it’s possible to set the game to 60fps. This is not enabled by default, but can be turned on in the settings. EA’s website states Which phones Support 60 frames per second mode more.

In addition to quality improvements, the update also brings New playing season with him. This means resetting a number of things, including XP, coins, and account level, as well as players’ friends list. The FIFA Points earned will remain the same for uniforms and unlocked emotes. In addition, Legacy play mode disappears. It is also no longer possible to play with players outside your region. Players from Western Europe can no longer play with players from North America or Asia. There has been speculation for some time about a new FIFA Mobile app. With the update, the team says there will be no new app, but the update will replace the old one.

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