Einderhof is proud of the historical contribution to Antje de Musical

Einderhof is proud of the historical contribution to Antje de Musical

Nederweert-Eind – Thousands of visitors thoroughly enjoyed the Antje de Musical last weekend. While the after-effects of the successful outdoor scene can still be felt at Weert, Nederweert-Eind is also looking forward to the successful collaboration.

The large-scale musical revolves around Antje, a woman who rose to fame at Wirt Station at the beginning of the last century by selling mini pies, both in the present day and in the years 1913 to 1920. In order to truly leave nothing to chance in April of last year, Antje was contacted by the organization de Musical by Anya van der Heijden, a volunteer at the Enderhof Open-Air Museum, for expert advice regarding what costumes actors should wear to produce a historically correct image.

However, it was not limited to just advice: they were also asked if the costumes could be delivered. Since Anja herself did not have that many suitable costumes in stock, volunteers from the “het Schreurke” costume group at the Eynderhoof Open Air Museum were asked to help. Together with these ladies, Els Teeuwen, Lies Loijen, Maria Gielen, Katalin Gerits, Truus Vaes, Toos Loijen and Marjo Hermans, many hours were invested on a volunteer basis in the manufacture and assembly of all the costumes. In the end, everything was finished off with costume design with all kinds of accessories.

Over one hundred costumes for the musical were provided by the Eynderhoof Open Air Museum. Not only are the original clothes perfectly suited to the time in which the musical will take place, but also the accompanying shoes, clogs, hats, jewelry, furs, and gloves. In addition, the open-air museum introduced many features, such as various carts, wheelbarrows and all kinds of other props. Einderhof has been an important registration site, in the past, for one of the event’s sponsors.

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The beautiful result can be seen last weekend on the appropriate stage on Stationsplein in Weert. The production is applauded by the public and the Einderhof Open Air Museum is proud to have made an important contribution to this special spectacle.

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