Eight questions (and answers) about the operating system in NOS

Eight questions (and answers) about the operating system in NOS

Why is it sometimes turned into the studio when there are also live sports?
First of all, because we make choices, but also because at NOS Sport we want to tell the story during the match. what is he talking about? Who should I watch out for? So athletes backgrounds, expert previews and analysis on the contenders and champions.

Can I enable separate notifications for the Olympics in the app?
We will send an instant notification of gold medals to Dutch athletes, if you have enabled it for the sport. It is also possible to turn on the bell in the live agenda. You will then receive a notification when the sport can be followed live.

We also have a live blog every Olympic day from early morning until late at night, if you tap the bell on it you’ll get notified of every new update.

Why not broadcast some sports?
Sometimes due to a lack of Dutch participation or a lack of interest in the sport. Sometimes because we don’t own the rights to the live broadcasts, such as men’s and women’s basketball and men’s soccer. Among these sports, only Discovery/Eurosport have live rights in the Netherlands.

NOS will broadcast a summary of those sports afterwards. NOS has direct rights to football players duels, but it is possible that another sport will be given priority over NPO 1 for press reasons.

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