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Cooking and eatingEnjoy cooking without running out of money? It’s possible. Eatertainment offers five economy dishes that all cost less than €2.50.

If you take care of the little ones, there are a few tricks according to Ritchie van der Heijden. He is a chef and recipe developer at Eatertainment. For this site, he has prepared five meals with a special mission: they can cost no more than 2.50 euros per person.

He himself pays special attention to seasonal products in order to save money. Then you pay less for fruits and vegetables. Using less meat also makes a difference. As for tasting: if you have a number of spices at home, you can quickly make a really simple and tasty dish.

You don’t need a lot of ingredients to make a good meal. My favorite food is Italian, also because of its simplicity. It’s always delicious with five or six ingredients. “Add a little garlic, sautéed earlier on this site., especially herbs like thyme, basil, and rosemary. Don’t be so modest.”

Stuffed Turkish bread. © ETERMINTENT

Turkish bread is nice and airy on the inside and has a crunchy crust on top. Because of the ventilation, you can easily empty the bread and fill it with different ingredients. This recipe Stuffed Turkish bread Perfect when you don’t have much time to cook, but still feel like a filling meal.

Shakshouka with beans.

Shakshouka with beans. © ETERMINTENT

You actually eat Chashuka for breakfast. But it is also an ideal dish for lunch or dinner. This alternative It’s made with black beans, but it works well with variety. Leftover vegetables, other beans, bread, or dairy can easily be tackled into this one-pot dish.

3. Jambalaya with beans and pineapple

Jambalaya with beans and pineapple.

Jambalaya with beans and pineapple. © ETERMINTENT

Jambalaya is a dish that originated in New Orleans. The dish originally consisted of strongly spiced rice with chicken and pork. The word comes from the French gambon, which means pork, and ya, the ancient African word for rice. This alternative Vegetarian and therefore with beans and nuts.

4. Quiche with beetroot, brie and thyme

Quiche with beetroot, brie and thyme

Quiche with beetroot, brie and thyme © ETERMINTENT

You can easily disagree with quiche. in This recipe You will find beetroot, cheese and nuts mix. Do you have a piece left? Then store it in the refrigerator or freeze it. Useful after a busy day.

5.Sweet potato with feta cheese and broccoli

Sweet potato with feta cheese and broccoli

Sweet potato with feta cheese and broccoli © ETERMINTENT

A plate on a griddle is a perfect way to make it easier nutritious meal To put it on the table on a weekday. You can choose any kind of vegetables, but also meat, fish and plants.

You can find more budget recipes here here: “It’s good to eat under 3 euros per person: ten delicious and cheap dishes (with recipe)”.

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