Dutchman Orders Construction Kit ScaleWings SW-51 • Pilot & Aircraft

Dutchman Orders Construction Kit ScaleWings SW-51 • Pilot & Aircraft

EGGENFELDEN - German aircraft manufacturer ScaleWings Aircraft has sold five SW-51 Mustangs in the past four weeks for 70 percent of their original size. Serial numbers SN 018, SN 019, SN 020, SN 021 and SN 022 were recorded.

New fleet members come from the US (3x), Canada and the Netherlands. Four aircraft are "Rapid Build Kits" and one is a "Ready-to-Fly Build Aid". At the end of February 2023, SW-51 SN 004 made its first flight over Germany. The device was assembled by the customer as part of the Build Assist program - for the experimental amateur building category "Build Your Legend". It was the first SW-51 Mustang with a German registration: D-ESUI.

A kit includes all carbon fiber (spare) parts, including over 100,000 details, wings, control systems, leather-trimmed seats and power retractable landing gear. The device has a MTOW of 750 kg and a capacity of 2 x 50 litres.

Avionics options are available in the form of Rotax 915iS black with MT-4 propeller and either Dynon HDX or Garmin G3X cockpit.

The first flight with the SW-51 took place on May 20, 2021.

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