Dutch exporters are positive |  BNR News Radio

Dutch exporters are positive | BNR News Radio

The majority of Dutch exporters expect to transfer 9 percent more this year, according to figures released by credit insurer Atradius and trade association Evofinidex. However, the trading volume out of the UK is still declining.

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“International trade is very flexible,” says Tom Cars Sebastijn, general manager of Atradius, the Netherlands. Many companies are doing well despite the pandemic, but on the other hand, there is also 40 percent not growing. The global economy has just grown and that is amazing when you see the amount of contraction in Europe. There are regional differences, and there are also big differences within sectors and there was also a big difference between the start of the Corona crisis and beyond.

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Kaars Sijpestein calls the flower sector which completely stopped in March because there is no longer a flight, but now exports it again. “Many companies have managed to adapt well, and the shutdowns are less restrictive on exports than before.”

“With us we get 5 percent less. About 43.5 percent of companies are disrupted, but there are also 35 percent of those companies. That brings you to that minus 5.” According to Kars Sebstein, exports to a country are dropping in parallel with how bad the situation The study showed that export companies that have their digitization system perform better than companies that have not taken this step. The country that continues to perform well is Germany, with the effect of Brexit continuing: “For next year “Exporters are not optimistic about exports to the UK.”

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