Dutch drops the #1 affordable solution to addiction

Dutch drops the #1 affordable solution to addiction

Supermarkets are filled with ultra-processed foods, which we consume every day in a mixture of cognitive dissonance. What does this lead to and is there a conceivable alternative?

We leave the floor to nutritionist Jan Boening, who has an interesting perspective on the number one popular addiction. “A lot is expected from the consumer.”

“Ultra-processed foods lead to expensive cereals”

“Our derailed food supply consists mainly of ultra-processed foods and is responsible for fewer and fewer healthy years. It drives us to take expensive or ineffective pills with unpleasant side effects. It is time for Delta's plan to save what it can save.”

This Dutchman has a solution against ultra-processed foods for a healthy society
Jan Boening (Image: Delicious Basics)

The skewness of our food is partly due to unnecessary additives, but mainly to the use of highly processed raw materials. Ingredients such as sugar, white flour and shortening concentrate nutrients such as carbohydrates and fats. Its use in food is in no way subject to maximum limits.

Processed raw materials therefore make the food supply high in calories and at the same time poor in essential nutrients, but above all they disrupt our digestive process. This leads to obesity and malnutrition, respectively, but also to a long series of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, several types of cancer and dementia.

“Expect too much from the consumer.”

“EIT Food conducted research into how Europeans feel about ultra-processed foods (UPFs). There has been significant concern about the effects of UPFs on our health. The report further describes that knowledge about these scary UPFs and their consumption is limited. In the words of EIT Food Director, Sophia Kuhn, The recommendation is: “Better information is the basis for a better diet.”

And this particular sound is the problem. A lot is expected from the consumer. By indicating too little information, the issue surrounding ultra-processed foods is diverted in the wrong direction. On the other hand, food supplies are handled using kid gloves. Many billions have been invested in factories that refine agricultural products into empty calories. This should be no reason not to create Delta Plan to make the healthy selection in the supermarket delicious and affordable without using ultra-processed raw materials.

“Making delicious, affordable healthy snacks”

“This is really possible. Delicious healthy food can already be prepared, but also for social and fun moments. Snacks and salty snacks can be prepared to fit a healthy diet.”

Developing ready-made empty calorie alternatives requires a lot from the sector. Food technologists and chefs need to ditch the easy method that contains too much sugar, fat and salt. Companies must invest in rediscovering how to make legumes, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds ready to eat while creating a harmonious explosion of flavor. Policy must demonstrate vision by supporting the transformation of the food sector.

Jan Boening, founder of Tasty Basics, is part of ANP expert support.

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