Driver plows pedestrians in Tel Aviv, several injured |  outside

Driver plows pedestrians in Tel Aviv, several injured | outside

A car driver rammed into pedestrians in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv. Israeli police said at least seven people were injured, three of them seriously. Israeli media reported that the driver was shot dead.

The newspaper said the car drove off Haaretz on the sidewalk. According to initial reports, the driver also got off to stab people. He was allegedly shot by an armed civilian.

The Palestinian Hamas movement wrote describing the driver’s actions as “heroic”. Haaretz. According to a spokesman, this is “the first response to the Israeli crimes against our people in the Jenin refugee camp” in the West Bank. Israel is conducting a major military operation there.

The alleged perpetrator, according to the police, is a Palestinian youth who lives in the Hebron area, according to The Jerusalem Post. The twenty people were to be allowed to go to Israel for medical treatment. Police say the man appears to have acted alone.

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