Does Donald Trump stink?  –

Does Donald Trump stink? –

Darning in X in America: #Drumsmels Inside #Trump stinks.

Adam Kinsinger, a leading Republican politician (and Trump opponent), started a debate at X about whether Trump has body odor around him. Kinzinger, who often meets with Trump, says he's surprised people around him don't wear masks. According to him, the atmosphere around Trump is unbearable.

Others who have met with Trump confirm Kinzinger's claim.

A few days after Kinzinger's post went viral, the hashtag #TrumpSmels started trending and still is.

A user has repeatedly shared that people around Donald Trump are uncomfortable because of the stench.

Another shared the same photo of Mike Pence with former President Donald Trump: “Pence knows better than most.”

Additionally, a podcast with comedian Kathy Griffin that aired earlier this year is now being re-shared due to her comments about the stench surrounding Trump.

Another said: “#Trump smells like pig—.”

A Trump spokesman makes a general point: “Adam Kinsinger is on live TV and is an out-of-work fraud. He has dishonored his country and disrespected others because he is a sad person who has not dealt with how his miserable life has turned out.

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