Doctor shares tips to fall asleep quickly

Doctor shares tips to fall asleep quickly

There are few things as annoying as staring at the ceiling for hours hoping to fall asleep. How do you make sure you sleep like a log from now on? The doctor gives advice.

The importance of adequate sleep is mentioned in almost every list for a healthy lifestyle. One expert previously said: “Lack of sleep is the mother of all health problems.” A good night's sleep is good for your brain, body, and state of mind, among other things.

Tips to fall asleep faster

Eat a banana

according to Dr. Sethi Tryptophan is a natural sleep aid. What is this like? Tryptophan is converted into serotonin when it enters the brain, which in turn turns into melatonin and helps you fall asleep faster. Since bananas are rich in tryptophan, they are ideal Late night snack If you have trouble sleeping.

Eat yogurt

Not a fan of bananas? Yogurt also boosts melatonin production and is therefore another good option. They're also full of vitamins that can help with sleep, such as vitamin B6 and vitamin B12, along with magnesium and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA).

“Greek yogurt in particular can contribute to better sleep quality,” Sethi explains. He recommends going for the unsweetened version.

Reduce exposure to blue light

Sethi recommends limiting screen time at least an hour before bedtime. According to him, light from screens such as phones, laptops, tablets and television can make it difficult for you to sleep. “Blue light disrupts melatonin production, making sleep more difficult.”

Breathing technique 4-7-8

Finally, there is another breathing technique you can try, discovered by American doctor Andrew Weil several years ago. “Inhale for four seconds, hold for seven seconds, then exhale for eight seconds,” Sethi says. “This technique is a simple yet powerful tool for reducing stress and anxiety before bed.”

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