Do dogs really look like their owners?  This is what science says

Do dogs really look like their owners? This is what science says

You’ve probably heard it before: They say that dogs resemble their owners. Whether it is a matter of similar external characteristics or behavior (stubborn or gentle): dogs are said to be a reflection of their owners. Go to any dog ​​park and you’ll see that many dogs and their owners look alike. But what does science say about this?

A strong man with a bull, a lover with a dog with refined curls and My little girl Lady with a small chihuahua. Why do we choose dogs that are similar to us? Is it a coincidence that dogs and their owners are similar, or can this be proven scientifically?

Do dogs really look like their owners?

About 30,000 years ago, humans began domesticating dogs to help us… ChaseBut now we have raised dogs exactly according to our desires and have an intense dog Emotional bond With animals. Much more than many other pets. Is it true that dogs and their owners are alike?

Psychologist Michael Roy University of California In San Diego, he was one of the first to explore the idea. Roy went to three dog parks in the area, photographed the puppies and their owners individually, then asked a group of participants to try to match them. What happened? Although there were no additional indicators, it was discovered that the study participants suffered from It can achieve reasonable accuracy Any dog ​​belongs to any owner. Then the study was repeated several times.

It turns out that the result applies mainly to real purebred dogs and the results were sometimes based on free-range dogs Superficial resemblance, such that women with long hair are more likely to prefer dogs with long, floppy ears, and heavier people tend to have fatter dogs. However, compatibility between a dog and its owner also appears to be reflected in more subtle characteristics, such as subtle differences in appearance Eye shape This dog and its owner are in common. They left him research To see. When pictures of people and their dogs had their eyes covered during the study, it suddenly became very difficult for participants to make the correct connections.

How can dog owners resemble each other in appearance?

Science certainly shows that dogs often resemble their owners. how is that possible? One possible explanation is that people subconsciously choose a dog that physically resembles them. For example, someone with curly hair would likely choose a Poodle, while someone with an athletic build might choose an active Border Collie.

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This phenomenon is also called “matching hypothesis” Mentioned, as humans we tend to choose partners and pets that resemble us in a certain way. This is the way we are Evolved to find partners. We are more likely to date someone similar to us because we can guarantee that their genes are generally compatible with ours.

In this way, we unconsciously prefer everything that is a little like us. Just as people tend to choose a car in the same way they choose cars. For example, a person with a slightly square jaw would prefer a car with a strong bumper. As a result, cars often look like their dogs, he says this study. Strange, isn’t it?

Similarity in behavior between a dog and its owner

Not only in terms of appearance, but also when it comes to the body a personality Dogs and their owners often look alike. how is that possible? As humans, we like to surround ourselves with people who are a little like us. We are often looking for equals Standards, had become in Interests In friends or partner.

A few years ago, Borbala Turksan from Eötvös University In Budapest to investigate whether the same applies to dogs. “The relationship with a dog is very special,” the researcher says. “He is not just a pet, but a family member, a friend or a companion, so we thought it could develop in parallel with those other relationships.” BBC.

personality test ‘Stop it’ For dogs

You may have heard of the world-famous personality test ‘Stop itWhere you can test your personality type. guess what, There’s now even a dog version of “Stop it.

Previous studies have shown that human traits such as extraversion can match measures of a dog’s behavior, for example if a dog is aggressive toward strangers or shy and hides behind its owner. What happened?

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Sure enough, Turksan discovered that dogs and their owners are alike Similar personality features show up. “It was actually greater than the similarity between married couples and friends,” the researcher said.

The owner falls in love with the character

Well, you might think that the behavior of the owner and the dog is similar, because they spend a lot of time together. So no, the connection was possible no It is explained by the amount of time the dogs and their owners spent together. Therefore, it does not appear that the dog has taught itself to adapt to its owner’s behavior.

Instead of that, a personality Specifically in the first place ride That owner has one gravity I felt with the dog. This is a good thing, because it is important that you get along together. If you have an active dog like a Border Collie, he needs plenty of space, as well as mental and physical challenge. So you can’t offer it to him in a city apartment. If you have a large house and garden and do a lot of running, this dog may be for you.

Genes and training

Of course you can have dogs He trains in For financing What suits you and your lifestyle. An active person will take their dog outside more often and allow them to play with other dogs, while a calmer person may be at home more and seek out quieter places.

Knowing which dog to choose and adopt is as beneficial to you as it is to your dog’s life. After all, they are always there for you, always have the time and desire to do something fun with you and they seem to be a reflection of ourselves.

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So, do dogs really look like their owners? Science suggests so. There are clear similarities between dogs and their owners in appearance, behavior and emotion. Whether you have an active border collie or a laid-back bulldog, one thing is certain: our dogs are a reflection of who we are, and it’s what makes the human-canine bond special and meaningful.

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