D'n Parade and much more: the carnival program on Sunday in Kroekenstad

D'n Parade and much more: the carnival program on Sunday in Kroekenstad

On Sunday the traditional program is D'n Opstoet, or Tilburg's Carnival Parade. Besides the viewing, there is a lot to do. Are you going to the carnival in Kroekenstad on Sunday 11 February 2024? Read this article to know what to do!

It's all about the resurrection

The annual Carnival parade takes place again on Sunday this year. Dozens of praolwaoges, running groups and individuals in cute pixies travel through the city centre. The procession starts at 12:00 noon from Piusshaven. Due to different businesses in the city, the road is different from what I am used to. Curious about the show's trajectory? Check it out below. Then you can see exactly where you can stand along the side to get the best (and most comfortable) view of all the beautiful things being created in the construction hall.

More fun parties on Sunday

1111 breakfast and much more at Kruikenplein

They start early again on Sunday morning at Kroekenplein. Breakfast 1111 with CV d'n Zoete Inval is on the program from 11:11 a.m. to 1:11 p.m. From 1:11 p.m., DJ Coenio will spin records on the Kruikenplein.

Opwèrme on ut Piusplein

After the show, you can do so in the tent on Piusplein. Here there will be guest performances by CV De Gierboys, CV MSVDBFK, Carnawallies, DJ DOA and DJ Eelco.

The Prince's Parade, the D'n Langsaufers Aprpress Parade and more at the Paleisring

Every year during the parade, the Prince's procession is shown on the Paleisring programme. After that, there's plenty to do again during 't Grote Pleinfestijn. For example, the program has d'n Opstoet Alaafterparty and d'n Langsaufers Apppresstoet.

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CV De Koljakkers, Verrekkes Blauw, CV De Jassen and more at Stadhuisstraat

Also on Sunday after the show, you can enjoy DJs, live performances, sweets, beer and lots of fun at Stadhuisstraat. Of course, there are CV De Koljakkers, Verrekkes Blauw, CV De Jassen, Mostard na de Mealtijd and many others.

DJs Denis Besso and Dan Giffen at Het Feestpaleis

On Sunday there will be a party from 1:00pm at Het Feestpaleis for Feestcafé de Prins and Sportsbar Papa Jim. DJs Dennis Bisso and Dan Giffen spin records.

DJ T-NO, DJ Mastreat, and DJ Tristan at Korte Heuvel

You can of course come on Sunday to Louwe from Korte Heuvel. DJ Mastreat opens followed by DJ T-NO. The day ends with DJ Tristan until 00:00.

Bar programs

There is also a lot to do in the different bars:

Practical information about deposit cups

This year they are also working with deposit cups at Kruikenpubs. This way we keep Kreukenstad clean together and contribute to preserving the environment. How does this work? Check it out below.

Useful articles

Do you want to get into the carnival mood and are you looking for some useful articles? Let us just give you a hand.

more information

Want more fun tips during the carnival? Then check out our schedule away.

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