Discussion about the business climate in the Netherlands

Discussion about the business climate in the Netherlands

The House of Representatives will discuss the business climate in the Netherlands on February 16. Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Policy Micky Adriansens will come to the House of Representatives for this. You can follow the debate from 3 p.m. via the live broadcast and the Debate Direct app.

The Dutch business climate has been getting a lot of attention in politics and the media for a number of years, for example because Shell has chosen to move its head office to the UK in 2021. But also because of the nitrogen policy, which is highly uncertain for many entrepreneurs and companies. On the feasibility of future plans in the Netherlands.


In order to keep the economy strong and resilient for the future, the Cabinet believes in the need for major changes that also maintain the business climate. In a letter to the House of Representatives in April 2022, Minister Adriaansens wrote that major transformations must occur in the field of sustainability, energy conservation and new forms of energy. The digital economy must also be developed further and the government wants to lead the way with new technologies. The latter points will not only strengthen the Dutch economy, but also create more jobs.


At the end of 2022, Adriaansens admitted in a letter that the challenges are great, partly due to the growing scarcity in the Netherlands: physical space for businesses and homes, good and talented employees for the future, space for nature and the environment. The government’s plans to maintain a forward-looking business climate despite these challenges are discussed in this discussion.

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Read more and watch the live broadcast

You can view all associated documents. The debate can be followed from 3 pm via the live broadcast of the House of Representatives and the application Direct discussion.

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