Discord offers its Clubhouse-IT Pro – News audio events feature

Discord adds so-called Stage Channels to its platform. This Clubhouse-like feature allows users to broadcast live audio calls to a channel with listeners. The feature will be available on all platforms.

Disagreement Stage channels On Wednesday, though Company reports The feature may not be rolling out on the Android app until later this week. Stage Channels can be added to Discord servers, but they are not available in regular group chats.

Unlike the regular audio channels, which have been a part of Discord for years, Stage channels are designed to only allow certain people to speak, while only other users can listen to the conversation. This Amplifiers It is supported by moderators, who can add a topic to the channel and add, remove or mute the speakers.

Other server members can join Stage Channels as listeners, with their microphones automatically turned off. Users can send a request to speak to the moderators, after which they can be designated as a speaker to participate in the conversation. Currently a maximum of 1000 users can be shared in the stage channel, although this number will increase later. Discord writes that the new feature can be used, for example, in “ask me anything” conversations, interviews, book clubs, or karaoke.

The new Discord feature shows great similarities to Clubhouse. This is an app that has recently grown in popularity. In this application, users can follow conversations in the rooms. They can also virtually raise their hands and become spokespeople if possible. These are conversations that only take place via audio, with no option to show pictures or presentations. The Clubhouse is currently still in beta. The app is currently available for iOS only, although it is also running Android version Work is going on. Tweakers was published recently Redundant component About the club’s rise.

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Discord isn’t the only company working on Clubhouse-esque features. So that The social networking site Facebook You are currently developing a version of the app. Twitter recently introduced one Distances function, Which users also hear from some of the speakers.

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