Direct |  Virus World: The virus will win the competition |  The interior

Direct | Virus World: The virus will win the competition | The interior

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09.23 India: We are looking at side effects

Health authorities in India are also investigating possible side effects of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Denmark, Norway and Iceland have decided to suspend vaccination with AstraZeneca regarding reports of thrombosis. Countries first want to make sure there is no link between the Corona vaccine and blood clots.

According to a prominent doctor in India, “There is no urgent cause for concern because the number of reports of negative side effects is very small. But we are reviewing all the reports and re-examining whether there are thromboses between them.”

07.06 “The third wave is coming”

A third aura wave can no longer be avoided. Virologist Bert Nisters of the University Medical Center Groningen expressed this fear in the Nederlands Dagblad. “If we don’t have lower numbers by the end of next week than now, then we have a big problem.”

According to him, it is “a competition: a vaccine against the virus. And the virus will win that match.” The highly contagious British variant now accounts for about 90 percent of all positive tests, according to Nesters.

Regarding him, there is only one treatment: vaccination is faster. “All I hear is that vaccines are being left on the shelf. (…) There is still no good direction.” For example, the vaccination of the elderly and the disabled in care institutions is slower than intended.

If infection rates continue to develop as they do now, the further increase in hospital admissions will be a “matter of time,” says Nysters. So he warns of further relaxation, especially now that most schools are open.

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07.02 Australia reported its first case of corona in two weeks

In Australia, a local infection with the Coronavirus appeared for the first time in more than two weeks. Queensland Prime Minister Anastasia Balaszuk said it was a doctor who recently treated two patients with coronavirus in Brisbane. The last local infection was on February 24.

Palaszczuk said the patients were recently abroad and were later found infected with the British virus. Since the doctor in question was treating several patients in the meantime, authorities quickly began investigating the connection. Also, all hospitals in Brisbane are closed to visitors as a precaution.

Australia has relatively few cases and deaths from corona compared to other western countries. The government closed its borders somewhat shortly after the pandemic began, locked down the country, and also imposed strict social distancing rules.

06.59 Working from home is mandatory in Latvia

Latvia will make working from home largely mandatory starting next week to contain the spread of the Coronavirus. The Riga government announced that the measure would apply to civil servants and state-owned companies as well as large parts of the private sector.

The commitment to work from home begins on Tuesday. There are exceptions for production plants and for occupations where it is necessary to work on site, such as construction. The Latvian government explained that this measure is primarily aimed at preventing injury to employees in the office or on their way there.

The Baltic country has witnessed a steady increase in the number of coronavirus infections since October of last year. Therefore, the government imposed strict restrictions in December. Since the start of the epidemic, Latvia has recorded nearly 93,000 coronavirus cases. The death toll in Latvia from Covid-19 has approached 1,750.

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