Despite opposition, Dutch relay team faces US in final: 'Unacceptable' |  Olympic

Despite opposition, Dutch relay team faces US in final: ‘Unacceptable’ | Olympic

Pim Bijal

The always-discussed scheme is that the expression of the barrier in the 4×400 meter mix does not work as well as Femke. However, she started out as a third runner. The whole team that is now in operation is: Leimervin Bonavasia, Like Clover, Paul and Ramsay Angela.

Roscom, along with other fellow finalists, opposed the reversal of the US disqualification. “This decision was not (adequately proven by the arbitral tribunal),” he says. The Netherlands team qualified for the final battle with Joachim Dober, League Clover, Lisen de Vitte and Ramsay Angela. The removal of the United States increased the chances for the medal. The pictures clearly show that their second runner went out of the box in the replacement box.

However, according to the Americans, he was mistakenly placed there by a member of the Race administration. However, for that reason the reverse told Roscomy de Telegraph that it was ‘not in accordance with the rules’. He said the final decision of the arbitral tribunal would often be clear after the match and therefore the final decision would not be final yet. The Netherlands are currently in fourth place, but who knows what will be decided.

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