Design things that make sense

Design things that make sense

Technology innovations that work well and have a huge impact are easy to recognize but extremely difficult to create. It’s a big challenge in and of itself to come up with great ideas, but making translation into a successful product is even more challenging. a. Infrared Deborah Nass. In this episode of our podcast, she tells us about her handbook of tech innovators.

Design things that make sense

Better technology products

Deborah has been involved for some time in the ultimate science and business collaboration. Examples of products that use the latest technology are smart thermostats, electric vehicles, AI applications and complete smart home solutions. With her recently released book, she wants to help innovation teams develop better tech products like this one.

Innovations in practice

There are many challenges in terms of technological innovation for both startups struggling with limited resources and companies that have to use their resources very well. Are you curious about how these new technologies are used, what innovation teams are using now, why technology-based innovation is so challenging and how can you translate it into customer-oriented, understandable innovation? Listen to this episode from the Werkprofessor where Prof. Deborah Nass answers these questions for a chance to win this inspiring book!


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