Democratic Senator Becomes Independent |  Abroad

Democratic Senator Becomes Independent | Abroad

The 46-year-old Arizona senator declared herself an independent in the Senate, effective immediately. Kirsten Sinema says that national parties, with their rigid bureaucracy and division, sow division and thus lose touch with the voter. Even the constitution is in danger, she said.

So she broke away from the Democratic Party, but she argues that this doesn’t have to be a major political break when voting. Based on recent elections, including the Senema elections, the Democrats have a majority of 51 out of 100 seats. This includes two senators who voted Democratic but are not members of the party (Angus King and Bernie Sanders).

Sinema’s departure appears to have been motivated by a distaste for radical movements in the party, but also for the Republican Party. In both parties, according to Cinema, leaders are under a lot of pressure and involuntarily allow the loudest and most extreme messages to dictate party agendas.

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