Democratic presidential candidate Marion Williamson withdrew

Democratic presidential candidate Marion Williamson withdrew

And there he is at last. Vivek Ramasamy's voice echoes closer and closer from the corridor. The audience shifts restlessly back and forth in their seats. They arrived in the back room of a roadside hotel in Iowa: personal contact with the presidential candidate.

On Monday, residents of Iowa will vote in the Republican primary, the first state in the nation to do so in keeping with tradition. Donald Trump leads the poll, followed by Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley and Vivek Ramasamy.

Nowhere in the middle of the country was campaigned as vigorously as in this state. And the candidates are nowhere near their voters. If they do it.

The door opens. A wave of disappointment. Ramasamy, smiling broadly, is transported to the iPad screen. “Hi everyone!” The candidate exclaims. “Do you hear me?”

This critical week, like many other states, Iowa has been hit by a severe snowstorm. Hundreds of flights were canceled and cars were on the road everywhere. Trump canceled Tuesday evening's event in the capital, Des Moines. Hailey can't keep all of her appointments, insulted by Ramaswamy, who is now stuck in the snow because of an apology from the iPad.

Ramaswami didn't let it get in his way. He should get more votes than anyone else. An employee presses his microphone against an iPod speaker. Another circle goes around. “Is someone asking me a question?” Ramasamy begins. 'No one?' After some hesitation, the hands go up one by one.

Thomas Rupp

Also read this profile of Vivek Ramasamy: The ever-smiling younger and more serious version of Donald Trump.

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Reuters – US Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramasamy.

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