Deliveroo may announce its IPO next month  Currently

Deliveroo may announce its IPO next month Currently

British food delivery company Deliveroo will likely announce that it will be going to the London Stock Exchange next month. Britain’s Sky News reported this on Monday based on insiders. It may be listed after a few weeks.

Deliveroo’s initial public offering is eagerly anticipated as it appears set to be one of the largest UK IPOs in years. Deliveroo operates in many countries, including the Netherlands. The company is expected to instantly become one of the UK’s most valuable technology companies, with a potential market value of £ 7.5 billion. This is around 8.6 billion euros.

The news, which the company itself does not want to confirm, comes just weeks after Deliveroo raised another $ 180 million (more than € 148 million) from investors. Deliveroo has confirmed that it will continue to invest in growth and innovation. The company, founded in 2013, wants to expand further with grocery delivery. In the UK, Deliveroo started its grocery shopping service last year and has grown rapidly since then.

Competition between meal delivery companies is very fierce. Deliveroo sets itself apart from other players in the industry because the company has managed to connect the US online store group Amazon. Last year, he took a sizable minority stake in the company.

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