Delight the investor with the banks.  Heineken lean taste  Financial

Delight the investor with the banks. Heineken lean taste Financial

The AEX is trading 0.5% higher at 668 points, about a quarter to four. AMX is heading 0.7% in positive at 993.2 points.

Elsewhere in Europe, the German DAX is down 0.1%, the British FTSE is up 0.3%, and the French index is 0.1% higher. Sentiment picked up in Germany according to the GfK Consumer Confidence Index.

In the afternoon, positive macroeconomic news came from America. The number of first new applications for benefits decreased by 100,000 to 730,000 last week. Rein Schutte, an investment advisor at Noesis Capital Management, notes that the sharp drop in the number of applications in the US may give a distorted picture as registration agencies may have been inaccessible due to poor winter weather last week. “So it is too early to say that a structural regression has begun.”

Powell offers support

Fed Chairman Powell told Congress that it will take two to three years to reach the Fed’s inflation target. It does not see enlargement that is too high or prolonged. The 10-year US interest rate fell immediately. But it will rise further to 1.40% on Thursday. Mediator IG said the government incentives of $ 6,000 per American that President Biden is promising increases this interest.

This interest rate is particularly detrimental to technology companies, as the increase is particularly frustrating for these funds, as investors expect large increases in the present value result of their future earnings.

According to Schott, investor attention will again shift in the near future to the overall numbers and the situation in implementing vaccination programs in large countries. “The UK, in particular, is ahead in many European countries, which means that there is a faster potential for economic absorption. Moreover, positive vaccine news is increasingly showing a rotation towards companies that could benefit from easing closures, such as real estate. In addition, it is remarkable that small investors in particular have started once again to raise the stake of GameStop. The direction of major technology funds is playing a major role in AEX. “

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Today’s Group trader, Cees Smit, confirms that after the correction early this week, investor enthusiasm has gradually returned, supported by the reassuring words of Powell who has succeeded in reducing inflation concerns. In addition, it indicates a continuous rise in commodity prices, providing support to trade. “With the better-than-expected earnings season nearly over and the intense US stimulus nearly arriving, price consolidation becomes evident in the near future, especially if more profit taking is achieved in major tech funds. A risky development in the market is the enthusiasm among investors about The so-called SPACs. Participating in these fair, empty sleeves is always like the way things are in the dotcom era. “

Arcelor in Fig

With principal money ArcelorMittal It is going well with a gain of 2.8% backed by steel prices starting to fly. Real estate fund Unibel Rodamco Westfield (+ 4.2%) strengthens the lead.

Financial values ​​are also on top. aBN Amro at Action Show positives of 2% and 1.7%.

Media group Wolters Kluwer, which had been still low after results earlier this week, rebounded 2.4%.

Coincidence It will rise 0.9% on the back of improved oil prices. Asset manager MUFG analyzed scenarios for the March 4 OPEC meeting: The result will not lower the market price, she says.

Chip machine makers could also count on buyers’ interest after weakening earlier this week. ASMI The quarterly reports after the report release will gain 0.8%. ASML 1% increases.

At the bottom goes the payment processor Convicted Back 0.8%. Phillips Drops 0.4%.

Brewer Heineken Reacts to a 0.9% loss to competitor AB InBev’s quarterly numbers, according to Degroof Petercam, AB InBev’s operating result is particularly disappointing.

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AF KLM is common

With medium sized funds trending KLM Air France 4.6% higher. This means that the strong recovery earlier this week will continue firmly. According to Smit, interest in airlines is widely evident, in part because investors speculate that the worst for the sector is behind us.

Alberts Industries He sees profit evaporate and lose 0.5%. It reported a 25% dividend cut to € 0.60 on Wednesday after the market. It says to accelerate its strategy. Investment bank Morgan Stanley expects an additional 5-10% recovery in 2021 with “strong” order book results.

Small caps shoots AMG 6.7% higher. The minerals supplier sees lithium prices rise and industry orders recover. Degroof Petercam points to more tailwinds from the commodity market.

Van Lancet Kempen Plus 0.2%. The private bank halved profits to 50 million euros. Begins to buy back shares up to 400,000 units.

In the domestic market he wins The value 8 5%. Peter Paul de Vries’s investment fund has seen its net profit increase in 2020 from 4.5 million euros to 8.5 million euros. Value8 benefited from the strong improvement in results in the AmsterdamGold precious metals supplier.

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