Delight about 'Trump's big ad': The ex-president is selling his own cards as Superman |  Abroad

Delight about ‘Trump’s big ad’: The ex-president is selling his own cards as Superman | Abroad

His supporters were ready for great news from their hero. They got it, literally, because Donald Trump would sell pictures of himself. like a superhero. It markets digital trading cards for up to $99 each.

It’s not often that you see a former President of the United States portrayed as a muscular super hero with laser eyes, a sheriff, an astronaut, or a fighter pilot as in Better. But Donald Trump, 76, likes to give his supporters how they apparently want to see him, in the form of the official Donald Trump digital trade card. For him, the photos are all “incredible works of art” that paint a picture of his life and career.

“Don’t wait to buy them,” he advised his supporters in a video, “at only $99 each, they would make a great Christmas gift, and they will sell out very quickly.” They also now know – from other media – that the income from all this beauty will not support his campaign for the 2024 presidential election, but that the proceeds will go to the businessman himself. Trump could use some extra cash because of the many Lawsuits Against him, among other things, tax fraud.


Similar to Donald Trump, it was all brought on with great fanfare. In a big announcement last month, he actually announced that He wants to run for president again in 2024. On his Truth Social website, the former president promised a new “important announcement” the day before yesterday. Is he single His companion runs He declared, would he run for Speaker of the House, would he reveal an “incredible or important” vision?

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Unfortunately for his supporters – who still look forward to better times in Trump’s leadership – it has become a dubious business landscape that has caused anger and confusion even in Republican circles. Could it be that Donald Trump himself no longer believes in a second term and is trying to tear apart his gullible supporters before it becomes clear that he will likely have to lose to his junior challenger in the party, Ron DeSantis?

The question is asked seriously. “Whoever told Trump to do this should be fired,” said Keith and Kevin Hodge, two Trump supporters and comedians. “When all the patriots are looking for hope in the future of our country, Trump teases everyone with a ‘big announcement’ and then dumps the low-quality NFT (Non-Fungible Token) video as an ‘advertisement,’ prompting the people who just left,” it sounded depressing.

Trump Cards: Movie Star, Sheriff, and Superman.

Trump Cards: Movie Star, Sheriff, and Superman. © AFP

Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen swept the floor with what he emphatically described as a “sham.” In addition to buying and trading tickets, you can also participate in the Trump lottery. Main prizes: Meet the superhero or a round of golf at one of his exclusive resorts. Those who buy 45 tickets, or pay $4,455, can get a ticket to a party at one of Trump’s resorts in South Florida.

Things haven’t been going so well for Donald Trump lately. He has openly embraced most Republican candidates It was voted on in the last midterm elections. Donald Trump’s grace no longer proves to be a guarantee of success, on the contrary. More and more Republicans are expressing doubts about the future with Donald Trump and daring to distance themselves from his stunts. In recent polls, the former president is behind Ron DeSantis and the trend seems to be that he is further behind. Trump’s last cry The constitution must be abolished To be able to overturn the 2020 election (which he still falsely claims to have won) was also not a slam dunk and fell badly in Republican circles.

The media reaction was absolutely damning, writes CIA whistleblower author and writer John Kiriakou: “Just when you think he can’t humiliate himself anymore, he does.” According to the columnist Washington Post Trump is “totally lost”. Another commenter said: “Donald Trump’s big announcement is that he still thinks people will give him $99 when he asks.”

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