Deaths and floods in a Chinese city after heavy rain |  abroad

Deaths and floods in a Chinese city after heavy rain | abroad

The metro filled, among other things, leaving hundreds of people trapped underground. There are videos on social media of people standing waist- or shoulder-width apart in flooded subway waters. Hundreds of critically ill patients in a teaching hospital had to be taken to safety.

A dam exploded near Zhengzhou at night from Tuesday to Wednesday (local time). And the Chinese military warned in the hours before the breach that the dam could collapse at any moment. Soldiers were deployed to help fight the floods.

According to the authorities, this rain only occurs once every 100 years. They spoke of a bleak situation in the capital of Henan Province. Many streets in Zhengzhou are flooded. In many places, water and power supplies were cut off. Traffic was practically paralyzed. Zhengzhou Airport had to cancel hundreds of flights.

The rainfall in Henan resulted in Typhoon N Fa, which also devastated two other provinces. Henan Province has been plagued by torrential rains since last week. The water levels of the Yellow River and its tributaries have exceeded alarm levels. Tens of thousands of people have been brought to safety in recent days. The damage to agriculture is in the millions. Other parts of China also suffer from bad weather.

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