Dead and dozens missing after a landslide in the Andes mountains of Ecuador |  outside

Dead and dozens missing after a landslide in the Andes mountains of Ecuador | outside

At least seven people have been killed after a landslide in the village of Aluse in central Ecuador. According to the latest reports from the authorities, 23 people have been injured and about 50 others are missing. Pictures show aid workers in the South American country searching for survivors with their bare hands in the mud.

The landslide, which occurred on Sunday night after months of heavy rain, has left hundreds of people homeless. President Guillermo Lasso reported that relief workers from nearby towns had come to Alosi to help with the search and rescue efforts. Relief supplies have also been delivered to the place, which is about 300 kilometers south of the capital, Quito.

“We have been shocked by a terrible tragedy,” Transport Minister Dario Herrera told Reuters news agency. “Our priority now is to take care of the injured and to evacuate people from their damaged homes.”

Some homes and even stadiums have completely disappeared under a thick layer of mud. A collapsed venue used for sporting and musical events. Roads and bridges were also damaged. Earlier this month, President Guillermo Lasso declared a state of emergency in 14 provinces due to the storm.

More than a week ago, an earthquake measuring 6.8 on the Richter scale struck Ecuador. This natural disaster killed fifteen people and also caused several landslides.

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