Daphne is recovering from breast cancer and is now raising money for more research

Daphne is recovering from breast cancer and is now raising money for more research

45-year-old Daphne Veld from Horne is today at the start of the harbor’s anti-cancer swim event to raise money for cancer research. She’s not just participating, because she overcame the disease herself some eleven years ago. Thanks to the search, she was quick to do so. “Now I want to return something.”

Daphne is middle aged. She has a family, an eight year old son, and enjoys water sports like kite surfing and windsurfing. “I love everything on the water.”

But twelve years ago it was different. After a preventative examination, due to her mother and aunt having ovarian cancer, she discovers that she carries the breast cancer gene. It must go through a complete process and be subject to intense supervision. “Already after the second examination, the doctors soon discovered that I had breast cancer in my right breast.”

“I had to go through the whole medicinal mill, but because it was small, it went relatively well.” It feels really good now, years later. “It was very sad for our family that my mother didn’t make it in the end, but I’m thankful that I could enjoy life. After I got sick, I had another son.”

She does not want to dwell on the past for a long time, she has a positive outlook on life. “Now I want to give something back. By researching the genetic mutation, I’m still here. That’s why I want to take part in swimming to fight cancer and raise money for charity.”

Daphne raised more than 1,500 euros

Together with four girlfriends and one of their husbands, she jumps into the water around two in the afternoon for a two kilometer swim. “I’ve also done Ironman, I’ve done a tri-eighth and I love swimming, so I think I’ll make it,” she says excitedly.

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Daphne was so amused 1.500 euros reach. “I am very proud to have raised so much money.”

She hopes that women in the future will not have to go through what she went through. “How nice it would be, for example, if they could change something about their DNA through research and that women no longer have to give up their breasts and their ovaries and they don’t even have to get sick. I find that hopeful.”

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