Daniel Ricciardo and his Wild Plans: “Crossing America on a Motorcycle”

Daniel Ricciardo He said he plans to tour America by motorcycle next year. He will not start in the Formula 1 World Cup as McLaren terminated his contract earlier than planned. It was then announced that he would become the third driver of the Red Bull Racing team. However, Ricciardo does not attend all the races as he wants to take a break from the rigorous schedule of Formula 1 and live for his own pleasure.


“I try to find some balance in our game, but at the same time I have free time that I can spend on myself,” he said. Richard. “I plan to focus more on training, going to the gym more often and working on myself in general,” he told the F1 Beyond The Grid Podcast.

“I want to prioritize different things and spend more time doing other things, including planning to cross America on a motorcycle. I know it will be fun and interesting, but it will also give me a chance to do a lot of introspection. For me, if you are alone, in the middle of nature, I am already looking forward.”

“If I spend enough time alone with myself, I will find the answers to many questions and it will become clear how I can improve. In particular, it will become clear whether it is the best decision for me to return to Formula 1 in 2024, and then let the teams decide whether they want to do business with me. But for the many questions I have to ask next year I think I will find the answers.

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