Dakota Johnson had to undergo therapy after extensive filming for this ill-fated horror version

Dakota Johnson had to undergo therapy after extensive filming for this ill-fated horror version

Sometimes a role can have such a huge impact on your life that you have to go to therapy after filming. This is what happened with Dakota Johnson after she played the role of Susie in the movie Suspiria. This 2018 Italian American horror film is directed by Luca Guadagnino and is based on a story from the book. Sighs from the depths By Thomas De Quincey. It is also a remake of the 1977 Italian film of the same name.

In addition to Johnson, who plays the main role in the film, many other big names can be seen. For example, Tilda Swinton plays three roles: as the company's chief choreographer, as a male psychotherapist involved in the academy, and as the leader of the magicians' circle. Jessica Harper, star of the original film, also appears briefly in this remake.

The film follows Susie Bannion (Johnson), a young American ballet dancer who travels to the Marcus Academy of Dance, a prestigious European school in Berlin. There, artistic director Madame Blanc (Swinton) is impressed by her dancing skills.

After a series of mysterious disappearances among students, Susie, her new friend Sarah (Mia Goth), and elderly psychologist Joseph Klemperer discover that the school has dark secrets and that their lives are in danger. It turns out that the school is run by a group of witches, which leads to big problems, because the witches have prepared it for strange rituals.

to treat
Johnson said he plays Susie in the film “It affected me so much that I had to go to therapy.” It describes the harsh shooting conditions in an abandoned hotel on top of a mountain.

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She later added: “Sometimes I find that when I'm working on a project, and I'm not ashamed of that, I'm a very penetrating person and I absorb a lot of other people's emotions. Sometimes when you're working with dark material, you can get stuck in it, and then have a nice conversation with someone about it.” It is a very nice way to move forward after a project.

It's not painful
However, Johnson also explained that her experience is in creativity He sighs It wasn't painful. “It was the most fun, the most exciting, the most exhilarating thing ever.” Johnson said about the film. “It's a naughty, fun movie and I love it more than anything. It's not like this movie sent me to an institution, I just have a lot of emotions.”

You can He sighsIf you dare, look up Prime Video.

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