Daddy Jay Van Wayne Heis Foll is getting married again |  show

Daddy Jay Van Wayne Heis Foll is getting married again | show

Papa Jay, who is best known for participating in a TV show folder houseHe said yes. This week he married Saffiera, under the eyes of his five children and singer and good friend Shirma Rouse.

Rotterdamer Jay Lopez showed up in a KRO-NCRV . hit folder house Watch how he raised five children as a divorced father, part-time parquet installer, furniture maker and celebrity influencer. Now he’s no longer alone: ​​as of this week he can call his wife Savira, psychodynamic therapist and social worker. Singer Sherma Ross was one of the witnesses.

Papa Jay shares wedding day photos on Instagram, including a wedding bouquet he made himself. He met the woman of his dreams in 2019, on the date Urged by a mutual friend He proposed to her after a short time. According to Lopez, Savera, who has no children, has a lot of understanding and patience for her status as a single father of five young children. “She respects me and does not make any demands.”

Looks like the newlyweds aren’t on their honeymoon: Last night, Lopez made a big pot of vegetable and chicken soup and Ross came to visit.

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Papa Jay Lopez, along with his five children, participated in the Een huis vol. © Stijn Ghijsen / KRO-NCRV

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