Cyberpunk 2077 patch postponed due to employees not being able to access their VPN – Games – News

Very few bugs encountered but don’t think it’s a great game, it’s not polished enough for that.

Why can’t you change your appearance in the game? Mods show the game can handle it.

Why can’t you wear a lot of clothes? Modifications appear to be portable.

Why not pick / buy skins for cars and weapons? Mods show that the game can handle skin mods.

Why when I make bullets, I don’t see how many bullets I have and the limit or do I not get a warning that I have reached the limit?

Why are there so few achievements in the game. 1 can be combined You can also see the location on the map.

Why don’t clothing stores have a topic? On a street corner and in an expensive building, the same elements are limited.

They have been working on it as long as GTA or Red Dead Redemption is being worked on with a very large team but very basic compared to these games.

The world looks pretty, but how many Type 1 Vendor Machines a city could have.

The story is fun, but why can’t you ask the AI ​​in the game how AI feels before deciding to become an AI? This is the crux of the story and it hasn’t really been explored.

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