Crypto in the Netherlands: Over $100 billion in transactions in one year - BLOX

Crypto in the Netherlands: Over $100 billion in transactions in one year – BLOX

Research firm Chainalysis, which analyzes activities in the crypto world, has released a new report. This indicates that more than 100 billion dollars were traded in our country in one year. Despite a slight decrease compared to the previous year, the Netherlands is still in the top four in Central, Northern and Western Europe (CNWE).

No. 4 largest crypto economy

Holland is really a crypto country when it comes to trading volume. It ranks fourth after the United Kingdom (1), Germany (2) and Spain (3). Then the Netherlands is still doing well, as it is the only country in the region that has a lower transaction volume (-3%) than the previous year.

Source: Chainalysis

It’s no surprise that we took fourth place, because we’re close to the real crypto powers here. The CNWE region, to which the Netherlands also belongs, has the largest crypto economy in the world. This isn’t the first time this region has performed well, as CNWE was also #1 in last year’s report. CNWE users and institutions have acquired $1.3 trillion in cryptocurrency – all within one year.

Thirty-ninth place for adopters at the grassroots level

There were also other interesting personalities about our country. Western Europe contained six of the top 40 grassroots cryptocurrency users, and the Netherlands was one of them. The UK ranked 17th, Germany 21st, France 32nd, Spain 34th, Portugal 38th and our country 39th. But what does grassroots adoption mean? He has a more accurate understanding of the role of cryptography in the state.

“We can easily rank countries based on the volume of cryptocurrency transactions,” Chainalysis said in the study. “It will give a clear picture of where most of the cryptocurrency activity is taking place. But we are not interested in that.”

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“The purpose of our index is to measure where most people put the most money into cryptocurrency. While institutional activity is important, we also want to highlight the countries where individual and individual investors are embracing digital assets.” Therefore, the Netherlands ranks 39th in the world in this regard.

This country is number one

Vietnam has become number one in the world when it comes to grassroots adoption. This will be followed by the Philippines and Russia torn apart by Ukraine. These three countries leave the major global economies behind. Despite the fact that India, the United States and China are in the top ten, the adoption rate has not been high enough.

Source: Chainalysis

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