Counting walruses from home: The Nature Organization is asking everyone for help |  Science

Counting walruses from home: The Nature Organization is asking everyone for help | Science

research project walrus from space From the WWF is looking for citizen scientists who would like to help with an official position for walruses, and you can do so from home in your lazy chair.

As a detective amateur, you are shown a satellite image from the Arctic, and you ask a simple question: do you see a rude or not? This will filter the photos and start the real pro counting. After a short training in which you see images of hordes of walruses, as well as groups of brown bushes, you can start right away.

You can expect these types of images if you participate in the project:

An example of a walrus search panel. At the top left you see two groups of walruses lying on the beach. © Seahorse from space

Through this project, the World Wildlife Fund is researching how walruses are now working as Arctic ice caps melt more and more. Normal counting methods do not apply to fat monsters, because they live very far away and move around a lot. The researchers hope that some 500,000 people will eventually be able to help sort through the thousands of satellite images, a task too big for the researchers alone.

Rod Downey Senior Advisor to Polar In the WWF, according to the British newspaper Watchman“What is happening in the Arctic has consequences much further than that. The climate crisis is a problem that you notice all over the world.” By mapping the state of the walrus, he hopes to remind governments of the state of emergency of the situation.

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If you would like to help scientists with their research, please subscribe Here for the project.

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