Corona crisis nearly a year: These numbers |  Interior

Corona crisis nearly a year: These numbers | Interior

The number of positive halo tests at the National Institute of Public Health and Environment (RIVM) is now 1,069,000. RIVM numbers are far from complete. Certainly at the start of the outbreak, not all carriers of the virus were in any way tested. But its speed – with daily and weekly updates – has often led to Corona’s policies. A trained eye can recognize the direction in which the virus is moving.

2.6 million people are likely to be infected

Sanquin has more insight into the overall figure. The Blood Bank provides monthly reports on the number of donors who have antibodies to Coronavirus. This gives an idea of ​​how many people have actually been infected. According to last week’s latest case, this is for 15 percent of donors. This equates to 2.6 million people, if the same amount of the population is believed to have contracted the virus.

Hospital admissions indicate the number of Dutch people with severe symptoms. Some of them died from the virus or suffered complaints long after they were out. So far, about 41,000 people have been admitted or admitted to the hospital’s nursing ward and another 8,600 people have been admitted to the ICU. This is evidenced by data from the National Foundation for Intensive Care Assessment (NICE).

Late operations

Coronavirus has also often indirectly affected patients with other diseases. In the past year at least 100,000 essential but non-emergency operations were postponed. This emerged from research conducted by the Dutch Societies of Anesthesiology and Surgery. It includes knee, hip, gallbladder operations and procedures in the field of ENT surgery.

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It is difficult to answer the question of how many people have died from the Coronavirus. The RIVM has a death rate of over 15,000 so far, but this number is incomplete. GGDs don’t always tell the institute that someone has died from Covid-19, in part because this isn’t mandatory. Additionally, not everyone who has been tested for the virus has died of it.

Based on cause-of-death data from doctors, the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) knows that from March to October, nearly 13,000 people were certain or suspected of having died from the virus, roughly 75 percent more than what is known in the RIVM. During that period. The virus has caused a large number of victims among the elderly, long-term care recipients, and men.

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