Controversial Republican Jorge Santos voted out of the House of Representatives

Controversial Republican Jorge Santos voted out of the House of Representatives

Santos came under pressure from a series of scandals immediately after his election last year. It turned out that he lied about a large portion of his CV. He was later arrested on charges of fraud and embezzlement of campaign funds. Among other things, he allegedly defrauded donors by deducting money from their credit cards without asking for permission. Santos has always denied all accusations.

The 35-year-old New York lawmaker told CNN that the House had set a “dangerous precedent” by impeaching him. “To hell with this place,” he said after months of disagreement with both Democrats and Republicans. Also this month, an ethics commission report said there was “strong evidence” that Santos had violated the law.

105 of his fellow party members also voted against him

A month ago, the House of Representatives also voted to impeach Santos. At that time there was not the necessary two-thirds majority. And now it happened because 105 members of his Republican Party voted against Santos. The release of the report is likely to be the deciding factor for many Republicans.

Now that Santos’ seat is vacant, New York’s governor must call an election to choose his replacement within 90 days. Republicans have a narrow majority in the House of Representatives, but they can still afford a Santos loss.

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