Comedian Trevor Noah has come under fire after comments about Prime Minister Sunak's origin

Comedian Trevor Noah has come under fire after comments about Prime Minister Sunak’s origin

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Trevor Noah, comedian and host of The Daily Show, is under fire in Britain after comments about British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who was appointed earlier this week.

Sunak is the first Prime Minister of British Indian origin. His ancestors came from India, when that country was still a British colony. Noah used this fact this week on the American satirical TV show Daily Show.


According to him, not everyone is happy that Sunak now holds the highest political position. “It’s not because of his politics or because of his character,” Noah said. “Some people have a problem with something else.”

As he says: “You hear a lot of people say: ‘They’re taking over, now the Indians are going to take Britain, so what?'” According to him, these people actually want to say, “We do not want the people whom we previously oppressed to come to power, because they might do the same to us.”

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Noah’s performance drew high-level criticism in Britain. Former Finance Minister Sajid Javid, whose parents are of Indian origin, called Noah’s remarks “very wrong”. presenter Piers Morgan asked Twitter I wonder why the “American media wrongly portrays Britain as a racist country”.

Noah responded to that tweet: “I didn’t say the entire UK is racist. I was just talking about racists who don’t want my feather as Prime Minister because of his heritage. That’s why I said some people.”

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