Climate Survey: Most Dutch are against fossil subsidies

Climate Survey: Most Dutch are against fossil subsidies

Sustainability28 Nov 23 06:06Autors: BNR and ANP web editors

A majority of the Dutch support eliminating subsidies and tax breaks for the aviation sector and all companies that rely heavily on fossil fuels. Based on its annual climate survey, the European Investment Bank (EIB) reports that 72% support this.

The climate survey was conducted in August and September, and was completed by more than 30,000 people from 35 countries, including all EU countries, the United States and China. More than 1,000 Dutch people completed the survey.

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Most Dutch people who completed the survey (69 percent) consider the high cost of living to be the most important problem in our country. Climatic and environmental problems come in second place. According to a European Investment Bank survey, 53% are very concerned about this matter. An almost equal group (54%) believes that our country should financially compensate developing countries for the consequences of climate change. In the European Union, this percentage is slightly higher on average, 60 percent.

“Also solve social and economic inequality”

More than two-thirds of Dutch respondents (71%) believe that the transition to a climate-neutral economy will only be possible if social and economic inequality is also addressed. There is less confidence in the government arranging this: 34 percent of respondents believe the government can ensure such a “just climate transition.” Meanwhile, about half of the Dutch (53%) would approve of increasing income taxes to help low-income people adapt to climate policy.

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According to EIB Vice-President Chris Peters, the survey shows that “contrary to what you might read on social media, the vast majority of the Dutch population want to tackle climate change and see eliminating fossil fuel subsidies as one way to do so.” so.rewards’.

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