CLAUS (Mintsey 384) Horse of the Year in America

CLAUS (Mintsey 384) Horse of the Year in America

Like the Netherlands, the United States also has a horse of the year election. At its annual meeting on Saturday, February 24, FHANA named thirteen-year-old Class SF Sport Elite (Mintse 384 x Tsjerk 328) Horse of the Year 2023. Class makes waves in the dressage ring with rider Addison Hansel. Looking to start this year at the Grand Prix with the Small Tour class. Addison is a FHANA youth member and has been driving the class since she was 10, owned by her mother, Shannon.

Born in America

Klaus was born in America to breeders Duane and Joyce Sneller, hence his standard name SF, which stands for Sneller Friesians. Klaus's mother was Julija Steer (Tsjerk 328), his grandmother Odilija von Gukerne Modell (Reitze 272), lineage 78.
Klaus' mother Julija was born in Twijslerheide to breeder Henk Meerding and moved to America at the age of five. Through various owners, he ended up with the Hansel family in Hager City, Wisconsin in 2012 at the age of 17. Julija produced 12 offspring, including two sire daughters of Lucas 324. Klaus was her final offspring.

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