Cheeky dog!  I stole barbecue from the garden: “We know who they are”

Cheeky dog! I stole barbecue from the garden: “We know who they are”

Barbecue season has begun and three thieves in Monnickendam thought so, too. On Friday night, the Green Egg, an expensive ceramic grill, was stolen from Johan Buijslaan’s Hiske’s garden. “They’re on screen and we know who they are,” Monnickendam says.

And that’s a smart move by Heskey because since her neighbors also have video footage of the robbery, she now definitely knows which route the thieves took. “One of the locals even mapped out the thieves’ walking route,” says Heskey.

See itinerary below. The text continues below the image.

“I know roughly where the roast was and who the perpetrators were,” she says. “They’re known as the bad boys in the area, but I’d love to go back to grilling.”

Heskey reported this to the police and is currently in France. “I’m in Alpe d’Huez because I’m running here Thursday for the KWF.” It feels a bit double entender for Heskey. “Am I here to work for a noble cause, am I going to be robbed?” Right now, someone is taking care of Heskey’s house, because she doesn’t want to be mugged again.

The names of the potential thieves have not yet been passed on to the police. So plea to the culprits: Bring back the grill to your husky, so you can enjoy a piece of fish or meat off the grill after you climb the mountain.

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