Charles’ coronation attracts 20 million British viewers

Charles’ coronation attracts 20 million British viewers

The BBC channels are occupied by the majority of viewers, as the coronation is watched by about 15.5 million people. About 3.6 million Britons watch on ITV and around 800,000 people tune in to Sky News and Sky Showcase for the ceremony.

British Sunday newspapers open with large photos of Charles with the crown on his head. Many media outlets call this moment Charles’ “crowning glory”, or his “crown”. American newspapers described the ceremony as a mixture of ancient customs and modern elements. Washington Post Describing the day as “medieval, modern and memorable”, New York times He talks about “an old party with a modern twist”.

German newspaper Build It mainly focuses on Prince Harry the day after the coronation and unleashes a body language expert on the prince, who soon boards a plane back to the US after the coronation. According to the newspaper, Harry feels uncomfortable and “needs a hug.”

In 1953, the coronation of Queen Elizabeth attracted more attention. At that time, 27 million Britons joined the ceremony and another 11 million citizens listened via radio broadcast. The Queen’s funeral last September was watched closely, as 29 million people would be seated for her.

The viewing figures are only relevant to the average TV viewer. People who follow the coronation online via YouTube, for example, are not included. Not all British channels decided to broadcast the coronation ceremony live. The film will be shown on Channel 4 on Saturday Johnny English Strikes Again to see. It is watched by about 138,000 people. In the Netherlands, the coronation was broadcast live by NOS on NPO 1, with an average of 1.5 million people watching.

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