Canadian teacher sells 'scary art' to students, angering parents

Canadian teacher sells 'scary art' to students, angering parents

The artwork is being sold by high school teacher Mario Peron. Not only as a picture on the wall, but also on coffee mugs (for 28 euros) and iPhone cases (for 24 euros).

It also doesn't seem like Perón goes out of his way to hide the source of the art. Various artworks are sold under names such as “Alexa's”. Suspicious Lina's photo. Suspicious painting'. Image makers get some recognition, but they see no return on the proceeds.

“Students put their heart and soul into their artwork and then they get a grade,” says Joel DeBelvieuil, who found his son's drawings on Perron's website. “But he puts 80 euros in his pocket.”

Part taken offline

Peron has not yet responded to these accusations. since CTV Canadian News Agency First published on selling art by his students, Perron has pulled some of the works from the Internet. But there is another part It can still be seen on their websiteAlthough it is no longer for sale.

“It's unbelievable,” says Michael Bennett, who saw two drawings of his 12-year-old daughter posted online. “Did the teacher also ask that certain drawings be made so they could be sold?” Bennett also questions the school administration that hired Perron as a teacher.

Westwood Junior School, the school where Perron worked, said in its response that it was taking the matter “seriously” and launching an investigation.

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