Camilla broke an important protocol during the coronation

Camilla broke an important protocol during the coronation

It was eventful royal The weekend, especially for Camilla Parker-Bowles and King Charles. The couple’s coronation was filled with rituals, protocols, and rules that apparently not everyone adhered to. Nor Camilla, and at a very important moment.

Judging by his face, that’s how Harry really felt, according to a body language expert>

Camilla breaks royal protocol

King Charles Wax serves the mood Last weekend, just like Camila. Tension was evident on their faces. Twitching, shaking hands, and angry looks weren’t in the air.

Body language expert Henry van den Bogert van Bode Language Academy He says the faces of both Charles and Camilla show a lot of annoyance. It is not surprising that you have a million-plus two-kilogram crown on your head. And that’s exactly when Camila broke a very important protocol. The live stream showed her gently touching the crown to smooth the hair out of her face when it was put on. Henry: “It looked very clumsy. In addition, her expression was very flat, indicating that this moment was very difficult for her. In a previous interview with “Ordinary Man in the Street”, Camilla was brushed off as “Neighboring grandmother’, but in conversations on television, Henry finds her sympathetic and disarming. Based on this past weekend, you quickly get the wrong impression of her. Talking during the balcony scene also indicates feeling uncomfortable. You see Charles and Camilla making out as the big applause starts. They exude comfort. As if they realize what they are all doing for him.

It remains to be seen if the protocol will be broken, but we think the chances are slim. The crown jewels – well polished – are now under lock and key again.

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