Bullies break the wrist of 14-year-old David, D piano participant: 'I can't play for a while' |  RTL Street

Bullies break the wrist of 14-year-old David, D piano participant: 'I can't play for a while' | RTL Street

In “The Piano”, amateur pianists show what they can offer. This also applies to 14-year-old David. Although he loves playing the piano, his classmates are less enamored with David's hobby. Things got so bad that they broke his wrist at one point, meaning he wouldn't be able to play for a while.

“Then I was very lucky they didn't go any further.”

David has been playing the piano for a long time. “Since I was seven years old, which is almost eight years,” he says. His colleagues found his love for the instrument and the time he spent on it “strange.” “I've had a hard time with it so far, because I was bullied for a long time because of it,” he says frankly. “They think in a negative way that I'm different from them. That's a reason to bully me.”

Bullying was not limited to bad words only. “It was very physical. They also broke my wrist once. So I couldn't play anymore for a while. Then I was very lucky they didn't continue,” he says. His classmates did not understand that David lived to play the piano, so he went to another school. “Now I go to a nice school where they take these kinds of things more into consideration. Many of the kids there are doing something with music. (…) I feel at home there.”

In addition to piano, David also makes other types of music. “I make Drill beats“What are they?” he says.Drill beats They are actually beats under the rapper. “He wrote a script about that and that script is often very intense.” It's another way for David to show his music. “People think it's more natural if you also make something out of tunes instead of just composing classical music.” The rapper, who used his beats so far, has not been able to release the song “because he is now in prison. For eleven years.”

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in piano It makes sense for David to show off his piano skills. Music experts – singer Roel van Velzen, double bass player Dominique Seldes, and pianist Daria van den Berken – were greatly impressed by his Chopin piece. David himself is also satisfied with the final result. “It went very well. I'm very happy.”

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