Broadcaster Charles Groenehuysen confirms the disappearance of the talk show Op1

Broadcaster Charles Groenehuysen confirms the disappearance of the talk show Op1

The daily talk show NPO Op1 will disappear from television after next summer. This was confirmed by the program’s presenter, Charles Groenehuysen, during the program’s broadcast on Wednesday evening Reports preparation from advertisement About that earlier today.

“To our surprise and dismay, we heard today that a press release will be published tomorrow in which the non-profit will announce that BNNVARA will be hosting a talk show on us at this time.” Groenehuysen said On behalf of the makers of Op1. “This is a shock to us, but you haven’t gotten rid of us yet. We’re going to have a blast for another six months.”

Accordingly advertisement BNNVARA Khaled & Sophie will be moved from the previous evening to the Op1 timeslot and Eva Jinek, who has returned to NPO, will present the program from Monday to Thursday at 7pm. Broadcaster AVROTROS confirmed to news agency ANP that Cenik will present a program four days a week from September next year at the time of Khaled and Sufi’s broadcast.

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Director Jan Slager of Omroep Max describes the Op1’s disappearance as “sad” for the people who “worked so hard on it”.

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Op1 began broadcasting in January 2020 after Eva Jinek left RTL and Jeroen Pauw also stopped his late evening talk show. The program was created by NPO video director Frans Klein, who has since left for Talpa, and is presented by a rotating duo on behalf of the different broadcasters. Due to difficulty in cooperation between broadcasters and personal conflicts, BNNVARA withdrew from the program last summer.

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The NPO wanted to oppose both the ANP and the ANP News Agency on Wednesday Norwegian Refugee Council It is yet to confirm and explain the termination of Op1 and says it will only do so “when there is more clarity on the overall programming of NPO 1 in 2024/2025”.

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