Breast cancer cells work together to break through barriers

Breast cancer cells work together to break through barriers

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Breast cancer most often develops in one of the mammary glands in the breast. If it stays there, it can usually be treated well. But when cancer cells penetrate and spread, things become more difficult.

Therefore, knowing how breast cancer cells escape is extremely important. One way they do this is by using chemicals to slowly break down the membrane that is holding them back. If it weakens enough, an opening may develop.

But now researchers at Stanford University have discovered that they also use another tactic. It is mechanical. The cells work together as a group to stretch the membrane like a balloon and eventually rupture it.

Researchers say this cooperation between cells has previously been overlooked because the focus has often been on individual cells and the substances they produce.

Because these substances are only part of the tactic, treatments that address this alone have not helped enough. With this new knowledge, researchers hope to ultimately improve the treatment of this type of breast cancer.

Read more about the research here: Breast cancer cells cooperate to break free and invade surrounding tissue

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