Bolsonaro challenges the results of the Brazilian elections

Bolsonaro challenges the results of the Brazilian elections


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Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is challenging the results of the Brazilian elections three weeks ago. According to several media reports, he asked the Elections Commission through his lawyer to declare part of the votes cast via electronic voting machines invalid.

Bolsonaro’s team reports software bugs in “some” voting machines. At a press conference in the capital, Brasilia, Bolsonaro’s party leader Valdemar Costa, among others, said there were problems with identification numbers in ballot box records. Therefore, part of the votes are invalid, says Bolsonaro’s camp.

It is not disclosed how the software error affects the reliability of the election results. The Associated Press reported based on Bolsonaro’s lawyers that Bolsonaro would receive a total of about 51 percent of the valid votes through void votes, with which he would defeat his rival Lula da Silva.

Report within 24 hours

The head of the Brazilian Electoral Commission quickly responded to the president’s request. He said his committee would only deal with the complaint if Bolsonaro’s party submitted a comprehensive report within 24 hours that included the results of the first round of elections. In that round, Bolsonaro’s party won a large number of seats in the Brazilian Parliament.

Lula narrowly won the election more than three weeks ago. He won 50.9 percent of the vote in a neck-and-neck race with Bolsonaro. Bolsonaro did not openly admit his loss after the defeat in the elections. However, his team said they would cooperate in transferring power to Lula.

Bolsonaro spoke in a speech earlier this month With no word on his electoral defeat:

Lula’s party chairman Gleesy Hoffman spoke out after news of the vote being nullified from “fraud”. “No more procrastination, irresponsibility, and insults to institutions and democracy. Elections are decided on voting and Brazil needs peace to build a better future,” Hoffman wrote on Twitter.

Bolsonaro’s attempt to nullify the votes could spark a new uproar in Brazil among his supporters. Earlier, protesters across the country had already blocked highways and took to the streets to express their discontent. Bolsonaro called on the demonstrators to stop and clear the roads.

Lula’s victory has already been confirmed by the Electoral Commission. In addition, his gains have been recognized by prominent Brazilian politicians and international allies. Bolsonaro remains in power until January 1. Lula’s term is set to officially begin.

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