Bloomberg: Apple accelerates work on self-driving electric cars

Bloomberg: Apple accelerates work on self-driving electric cars

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US tech company Apple is accelerating work on a fully self-driving electric car. This is what sources tell Bloomberg News Agency. Apple plans to launch its own car by 2025.

In that car, no human intervention would be necessary, so there is no integrated steering wheel, brake pedals and accelerator, according to insiders. Apple’s car project called “Titan” has been running for years and has been led by software engineer Kevin Lynch since September. He took over management of the project from Doug Field, who left for the Ford Motor Company. The launch date of 2025 will depend on the completion of the complex technology of autonomous vehicles.

The car will also be highly integrated with other Apple devices and technology services. In the middle of the car there should be some kind of iPad-like screen for the control functions. Apple is said to be in talks with several automakers about collaborating on building the car. The company will consider manufacturing in the United States. Apple will also work on its own battery technology for the car. The iPhone manufacturer declined to comment to Bloomberg.

Competitors like Google’s Alphabet are also working on cars that can drive autonomously, just like Tesla.

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