'Biden's budget proposal against the Republicans'

‘Biden’s budget proposal against the Republicans’

“The budget proposal for 2022 will be presented in the spring of the previous year, so now. Shortened or expanded. This involves huge sums: more than ever,” says Michel Voss.

Six thousand billion

The American reporter explains that the federal government budget in the United States is usually about four trillion. “Now Biden, if he gets what he wants, wants to reach $ 6,000 billion in federal spending by 2022. These are huge increases, in various categories, with huge sums. Think of investments in infrastructure, education and the green economy, for example.”

According to Foss, Biden is looking much more for government that is more explicitly present in the financial and economic lives of ordinary Americans. This is in contrast to Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan earlier. After this pandemic, Biden turns things around. The average American does not immediately see this as evil and wants more government. It shows that the government should be investing in the country, and so should the expenditures.

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