Bernie Sanders: The Trump ban on Twitter didn't go well |  Abroad

Bernie Sanders: The Trump ban on Twitter didn’t go well | Abroad

This says the Democratic senator from Vermont in a conversation with the New York Times. “Look, you have a former president in Trump who was a racist, sexist, anti-gay, xenophobic, sick liar, authoritarian, someone who doesn’t believe in the rule of law. This is someone who only has bad news,” says Sanders in an interview with The Times. She asked me if I felt comfortable that the then President of the United States could no longer express his opinion on Twitter? No, it’s not okay. “

It also became clear on Wednesday that without Republican Trump, the US media would struggle to attract consumer interest. After four turbulent years in Washington and a tense relationship between the US press and former President Donald Trump, the US news media is facing a decline in the number of viewers, readers and visitors. After the so-called “Trump bump” has caused an increase in viewership on CNN and the readership of The New York Times, these media, among others, are now in decline.

CNN is in dire straits

Viewership by CNN, which Trump regularly pulled out of, was 50 percent lower during this month’s peak period compared to March 2020. Data from market researcher Nielsen shows Fox News and MSNBC are seeing a slight drop.

Visits to the New York Times website fell by 30 percent between November and February. In The Washington Post, visitor numbers are down 27 percent, according to reports from research firm ComScore.

The election is over

Part of the decline can be explained by the fact that the US election is over, but according to Adam Chiara, professor of communication science at the University of Hartford, the decline in news consumption is a pre-Trump trend.

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While the Trump years gave a “temporary boost” to news outlets like The New York Times and CNN, the trend is now resurfacing for people who use less and less TV channels and newspaper subscriptions. Instead, Kiara said, people are increasingly consuming the news through internet platforms.

According to political communication professor Toby Berkowitz (Boston University), the dominance of on-demand news is growing faster now that the Trump era is over. “Trump was the goose that laid the golden eggs, especially for TV channels and major newspapers,” Berkowitz said. He says the current lack of drama in Washington is causing “fewer eyes,” which ultimately translates into lower subscriptions and ad revenue.


Communications expert Mark Lukasiewicz (Hofstra University) thinks Americans also need some relief after the intense period, in which Trump regularly attacked the press when scandals were exposed within the government.

“I think people are tired of the drama and suspense and are likely to return to other interests, their families, children, work and lives from the news,” said Lukasiewicz. President Joe Biden describes him as a “boring man” who “does not cause much drama”, which makes it more difficult for the media to attract viewers and readers.

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