Berenstein Kicks America: “Before you…

Berenstein Kicks America: “Before you…

Lynette Beirenstein
Photo: © Pro Shots

OranjeLeeuwinnen is preparing for the World Cup quarter-final against Spain. Early in the game, Lynette Bierenstein caused quite a stir.

The Dutch attacker gave a kick to the USA, who finished second behind the Orange in the group and were eliminated by Sweden in the eighth final. “What was I thinking when they left?”, Behrenstein asked again at the press conference. International football. “Yes! Boy America.”

The Juventus player was annoyed by America’s attitude. “They were a big mouth and talked a lot about the final. But you have to show it in the games before you talk. I’m relieved they’re out and I hope they’ve learned from this.” , said Behrenstein, who then slowed down a bit. “I don’t want to be slanderous. I still have respect for them.”

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