Belgium gets tougher: Driving license temporarily lost after texting behind the wheel

Belgium gets tougher: Driving license temporarily lost after texting behind the wheel

A stricter rule is badly needed, according to the East Flanders Public Prosecution Service. Yesterday they succeeded press release We know that your driver’s license can be revoked temporarily if you use your phone while driving.

25 driving licenses have already been revoked

The lack of bragging was demonstrated by the fact that 25 driver’s licenses had already been revoked in the area that same afternoon. For example, according to Belgian newspaper De Morgen, a 39-year-old man from Antwerp had to give up his driver’s license for eight days after using his mobile phone behind the wheel of his truck.

“In recent years, the use of mobile devices while driving has increased dramatically,” she said. prosecution I know. “A European survey shows that one in four Belgian drivers reads or sends messages while driving and one in six still does not use hands-free calls while driving. Distraction caused by using a mobile phone or smartphone behind the wheel is one of the biggest problems “Killers in Traffic”.

fatal accidents

According to the Belgian Institute for Road Safety, 8 percent of fatal accidents in the country are related to the use of mobile phones while driving, which is estimated to lead to about 50 deaths and 4,500 injuries each year.

This is why the Public Prosecution Office in East Flanders is affiliated with the Public Prosecution Service in Halle Vilford, which has already started getting driver’s licenses from 1 May. They pointed out earlier that the rule is not intended to “bully” drivers, but rather to significantly reduce the number of accidents.

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In Halle-Vilford, the rule only applies between May 1 and June 30 this year. After that, the action is evaluated and it will be decided whether the rule will remain or not.

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